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Discover how Noswell Construction will make your dream project a reality.

Residential & Commercial Construction

Noswell Construction has over 27 years of residential and commercial construction experience to serve the following communities: Playa Junquillal, Playa Negra, Los Pargos, Playa Avellanas, Hacienda Pinilla, Marbella & Lagarto, and Villa Real & Tamarindo. We have completed over 50 high quality, custom homes as well as several remodels, additions, general repairs, and other construction projects. We are knowledgeable of and familiar with all Costa Rican construction codes and local building practices, including structural engineering and foundations appropriate for seismic activity.

We completed all the infrastructure work and built out all the common buildings and common areas, as well as 14 custom homes and the B & B Hotelito SiSiSi inside the Tierra Pacifica Environmental Community, in Junquillal.

Noswell Construction also built the “Plaza Tierra Pacifica” Commercial Center and Condominiums, in Junquillal. This was a multi-year project including seven commercial establishments on the ground floor and seven residential condominiums on the 2nd and 3rd floors, with pool, elevator, and common areas.

Several of our houses in Costa Rica have appeared on “House Hunters International” television program.

Custom Kitchen Design

A beautiful custom kitchen with granite and hand-crafted cabinetry.

Luxury Home Construction

A beautiful, luxury home built in Tierra Pacifica Environmental Community.

Commercial Construction for your Business

Tierra Pacifica Commercial Center with attention to every detail.

Hardscaping & Pools

We have built over 10 pools, including private and community center pools complete with cascading waterfalls, beautiful tile and stone work, and fully-lanscaped relaxing lounge areas. We are familiar with several different types of filtration systems, salt water or traditional water treatment, as well as solar heating for your jacuzzi. Looking for more exercise? Our lap pools are complete with tiled lane lines to help you stay in shape while beating the heat. Let us help you build your perfect oasis to match your dream design.

Looking for more fun for you and the family? We build tennis courts, basketball courts, outdoor bbq's and kitchens for all of your entertaining needs.

Or do you just want a tranquil space for yoga, reading, or hammocks? We'll construct your perfect Costa Rican style "rancho" or install a beautiful trellised garden for those peaceful moments.

Hardscaping & Outdoor Spaces

An outdoor kitchen complements the solar-heated jacuzzi for the best bbq's and parties.

Tile and Stone Waterfalls

Refresh in the multi-leveled pool while listening to the relaxing sounds of trickling waterfalls.

Woodworking & Ironworks

We offer in-house woodworking and metalworking shops for unique, custom furniture and designs. We fabricate our own custom fine wood cabinetry, closets, kitchens and bathrooms, indoor and outdoor furniture, hand crafted entryway doors, metal security doors, security bars, and beautiful wrought iron work.

We use primarily local, reforested hardwoods such as Teak and Gmelina for lowest ecological impact. With an extensive carpentry and fine woodworking background, Doug has trained his workers through the years to become skilled and experienced wood craftsmen. We have large storage sheds full of dry, cured tropical woods ready to be transformed into beautiful, quality woodcrafts.

Carved Wood Doors

Design your own or choose from our portfolio of options for your carved wood project.

Custom Furniture

Choose from our wide catalog of furniture designs for all of your home, business, or outdoor needs. We welcome your input to make the pieces truly special and custom-made to your specifications.

Stunning Details

Costa Rican woods are truly exquisite and add depth and beauty to your spaces. Our attention to detail means your carpentry project will come out perfect each time.

Details of Our Services

Our company promises high quality, responsible construction in Guanacaste for a fair price. Prices usually include architectural design and supervision, engineering, approved constructive plans, construction permits, and total jobsite cleanup. We offer complete and detailed construction contracts; cost-plus contracts; or salaried project management contracts, whichever the customer feels most comfortable with. Interior decorating and exterior landscaping services are also available.

We use only the highest quality construction materials available, purchased through our extensive network of tried and proven suppliers. With so many years of Guanacaste building experience under our belts we have weeded out the weak links and preserved continued and valuable relationships with the best suppliers available. The tropical elements here on the coast can be especially tough on structures, but we have had extensive experience and education finding and correctly utilizing the best building products and methods to combat Costa Rican nature.

Our company likes to integrate sustainable building practices and eco-friendly features and design elements into our projects. We use many locally produced materials from here in the Guanacaste or neighboring Puntarenas province such as cement, sand, rock, concrete blocks, all woods, terra cotta roof tiles, fascia stones, and others. This helps support local businesses as well as reduces our transportation footprint. Nicaragua can also be a good source for many finish products as it is also close to home and they produce many interesting and quality products at very reasonable prices.

Noswell Construction employs only reliable, honest, hard working laborers, well-trained and local to our area. We have always believed in training our guys from the inside, often starting as manual laborers and eventually working their way up to assistants and then to the higher responsibility and higher paid skilled positions. Many of our employees have been with us for 15-20 years or more. Clients often make friends with our crew members during the construction and usually want to throw them a thank you party or bring gifts after the project’s completion to show their appreciation for a job well done. This always helps foreigners feel the true warmth, humility, and friendliness of the local “Guanacastecos”, and builds strong bonds to the local community. Social Security Insurance and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance is always covered for all our employees to protect workers, client and builder from any possible mishaps or future liabilities. With all their legal employment benefits covered, keeping our workers proud and secure in their jobs assures a high quality, timely finish to every project we complete. We are extremely proud that so many of our employees have been with us for so many years, proving our loyalties and giving our crews a very supportive and familiar work place.

Noswell Construction always includes contractual warranties of 1 year on electrical work, 2 years for plumbing, and 3 years for structural. Rest assured that, unlike outside builders, we will always be in your neighborhood and available to respond to any issues that may arise after completion of the project. We do all we can during the construction to eliminate any call backs later, but we are glad to help and make things right if at all necessary. After all, we hope to be your neighbors for a long time to come.